First Aids

First Aids

The AED (First Aid) is a course focused on all those people who want to combat occupational risks in the workplace.

Currently, due to the changes introduced in Spanish legislation, more and more companies have the DESA in their facilities.

The profile of users in our school is very varied. From monitors, soccer coaches, businessmen, flight attendants, among others.

In this course you will learn, on the one hand, the theory of first aid and on the other, the operation of the semiautomatic defibrillator (DESA). It is a portable electronic device (medical device) that diagnoses and treats cardiorespiratory arrest when it is due to ventricular fibrillation (in which the heart has electrical activity but without mechanical effectiveness) or to a pulseless ventricular tachycardia.

Do not hesitate to do it since it is an affordable course for its brevity, since it takes place in six hours, in one day in our facilities and you acquire an official title with European validity, which will complement your curriculum, making it more attractive if it fits .

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